To All Supreme Students and Supreme Parents,

Let me start by saying that I am honored to have each of you standing side by side with me as I begin this journey. I have always believed every major event in our lives happens for a reason. It is obvious to me that I have been on the path to have this privilege of working independently with amazing children for years now. I feel extremely blessed to have this chance to follow my dream. It is my sincere wish to help each of you not only become the very best you can be as far as competition is concerned but also to set a stellar example helping each of you to become marvelous young women. My purpose is to bring out the very best in each of you and help pave the way, along with your parents, for you to achieve your goals whatever they may be.

We will be known as Stina’s Supreme Team, which is much more than just a name. The words “Supreme” and “Team” were chosen to represent our core values. By “Supreme”, we’ll be known by our character, by our example, by our friendly and kind behavior, and by demonstrating the very best sportsmanship to everyone in the pageant community in a sincere and genuine way. By “Team” we’ll be known by our unity, by our presence in cheering on our Supreme Team Sisters, and by our encouragement of all competitors while they are competing. Our name and core values will not change from time to time or person to person, because they are the very soul of our organization.

I have put much thought into putting together a staff that is worthy to work with my students. I am blessed to have Dane Dane work with me as an Associate Coach. I can't think of anyone else who could coach, counsel, and collaborate with such a diverse balance of practical and professional experience. Dane Dane’s talent, honesty, dedication, and sincere love for children will be a tremendous asset to our team. As our Associate Talent Coach we’re excited to have Alyssa Brooks join us. Alyssa, a life long friend, with nearly two decades of dance training, has competed at local, regional and national level dance competitions. Her extensive resume is impressive to say the least. Alyssa’s mastery of all types of dance and fresh choreography will add a classical yet youthful component to our team.

In closing, I would like for each of you to know that I’m committed to continually improving Stina’s Supreme Team through unleashing the collective creativity and intelligence of our coaches, Team Members and their parents. Please know that I am always open to suggestions that would improve Stina’s Supreme Team and make us the very best we can be. All members of Stina’s Supreme Team can look forward to many friendships and relationships that will grow and be long lasting. I know that hand and hand with each and every one of you we will do wonderful things!

Much Love and Thanks,
Cristina Dominique McAlister

Owner and Executive Director
Stina’s Supreme Team
A Division of Cristina McAlister Enterprises, LLC